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Injection Molding

The use of state-of-the-art technology in injection molding equipment is one of ESS TEC, INC’s keys for success in today’s market.  We specialize in small tonnage tiebarless injection molding machines to better serve our customers’ small parts needs.  Our machine sizes range from 35 to 240 tons and, depending on type of resin, we can run shot sizes up to 16 ounces.  With ESS TEC, INC’s tiebarless machines we do not have to concern ourselves of whether or not the tool will fit between the tiebars; therefore, we can better match a tool and machine to the shot size and tonnage required to process the part(s) effectively. This results in the following ADVANTAGES for our customers:

1. Cost advantages by more closely matching the part size and shot weight to the machine tonnage and shot volume regardless of the tool dimensions.  Smaller machines are less expensive to run resulting in reduced piece prices for our customers.

2. Reduced tool wear and maintenance by virtually eliminating platen deflection and tool misalignment.

3. Reduction /Elimination of parting line flash as a result of up to a 15% increase in mold locking force and improved mating of the tool’s core and cavity halves.

Tiebarless Machine: This picture shows an injection molding machine without tiebars. The tool that is in this machine could not be installed in a similar size injection molding machine with tiebars. ESS TEC, INC. was able to match this tool to a machine with the proper tonnage and shot size requirements for the part. Not having to move the tool to a larger machine, to get it between the tiebars, resulted in better quality parts, lower machine costs, and reduced piece price for the customer.


Machine with tiebars: This picture shows an injection molding machine with tiebars. This is a good example of a large tool running in a machine that was chosen for the clearance between tiebars instead of the shot and tonnage requirements needed to run an optimal part. ESS TEC, INC. is able to run this tool in a smaller tonnage tiebarless injection molding machine that better meets the shot size and tonnage requirements of the part.