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Frequently Asked Questions

Can ESS TEC, INC. build injection molding tools?
Yes, we design and oversee the building of injection molding tools for our customers on a regular basis. In this process we ensure that our customer receives a tool that will produce parts to their specifications and our molding parameters.

What type of plastic resins does ESS TEC, INC. run?
We primarily run engineering and some glass filled plastics, e.g. Nylon, ABS, Polycarbonate, Acrylic, TPE, PC+ABS, Acetal, PP, etc.

Can ESS TEC, INC. assist us with part design?
Yes, many times customers come to us with a creative idea but are unsure if it can be manufactured. We evaluate their concept, assist them in designing a part, and/or selecting a plastic that can be injection molded economically.

What industries does ESS TEC, INC. service?
We service several industries. We are primarily a tier 2 automotive supplier. However, we also have customers in the appliance, medical, hardware, housewares, office furniture, and janitorial industries.

How can ESS TEC, INC. save us money over our current supplier?
Because of our utilization of the tiebarless injection molding machine technology, many times we are able to mold parts in considerably smaller machines than other suppliers. As an example, we acquired a tool that, because of it’s size, had to be processed in a 275 ton tiebar machine. and, because of the less constrained tiebarless system, we successfully placed it in one of our 100 ton tiebarless machines.  It takes substantially less resources to operate a 100 ton machine versus a 275 ton machine, resulting in direct savings to the customer. (Please refer to the “Injection Molding” portion of our website to see pictures of tiebar verses tiebarless machines.)

If I have a tool that does not need to run very often to provide me with the parts that I need, what happens to the tool between runs?
ESS TEC, INC. frequently runs jobs where sales volumes warrant running a tool only one or two times a year. In cases like these ESS TEC, INC. retains the tool. This enables us to better schedule the work as it best fits into our production schedule and also eliminates the problem of storage and transportation of the tool for the customer.

Who is responsible for maintaining the injection molding tools?
ESS TEC, INC. takes care of routine preventative maintenance. In the rare event when a tool needs to be repaired we utilize tool shops that have the capability and expertise to perform the job to high standards.